Carlo, Emily, Miguel and Scott, Thank yo…

Carlo, Emily, Miguel and Scott,
Thank you for all the hard work that you put into this OER – it was quite evident. I definitely found myself quite intrigued throughout the OER, and I found that the activities really encouraged reflection on a deep level. The one aspect I wish there were more information on, however, was application to the classroom. That section seemed lacking. I know it was addressed elsewhere in the OER – “We will concede up front, it is harder to envision the relevance of some of this technology in the world of teaching and learning, than in say, healthcare or engineering” – but the examples and reflection on that seemed inadequate when compared to your efforts in other areas. Also, on that topic – the MetaPark case study that you included was extremely outdated (it’s actually from 1999, not 2016). I would recommend removing it or updating the intro to address the fact that it’s a bit outdated but that the ideas are still applicable. That’s the only content piece that I think could use a little improvement.
Aside from that, I just wanted to note that if you’re following the OER navigations at the end of each section, you miss the “Future” intro page and it’s related sections on Exoskeletons, NeuroTech and Viruses, as the navigation jumps straight to “Wearable Tech Start-ups”. Those not clicking every part of your OER to make sure they’ve participated in every aspect (ie. us ETEC 522 classmates) may end up missing some of your content by mistake.
Again, thank you for a great OER – it’s really appreciated.