Cassy, don’t worry about the typos, the…

Cassy, don’t worry about the typos, the feedback you gave me is valuable regardless. To be honest I was a little nervous about what you would say as this idea kind of fly’s in the face of your actually company and at times insults educational games (something I think was used for more dramatic flair then stating my personal beliefs). I appreciate your comment about my lact of funding ask. The reality is, as an educator with 0 business experience I just had no clue what to ask for. I mean I could have picked a random number and said – give us this and we will use it to……. you know..but I didn’t feel like I needed it with the direction Valve usually goes. They have lots of money and typically stray away from public investments. But for the sake of this project I see where I should have just added it in. Thanks for your comments!

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