Chris, congratulations on the detailed,…

Chris, congratulations on the detailed, professional pitch. I think your venture is timely and necessary. I am excited about the changes that deep learning and computing power can bring to education. You have laid out a venture that addresses the area of education that I struggle with the most; assessment. I have engaged with open resources more and more in recent years but there is always the sticky problem of assessment and certification. Your venture seems to elegantly provide a solution.

I think your ask and marketing strategies are well developed. The other posters have raised interesting questions to which I will add only one. Since instructors will be adding questions to the bank, who is curating the well. This suggests a further question as to what makes your algorithm qualified to assess these diveres subjects?

Lastly, you didn’t spin your venture this way but I think you could get some people on board for the altruistic, “open” movement aspect of it. I know you are paid and asking for subscriptions but you are promoting an open movement that moves away from paper and “the big guys”. Perhaps that could be a marketing tool you could consider in the future.

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