Claudia, you have developed a great pitc…

Claudia, you have developed a great pitch. The layout and the logical progression of information was easy to read and digest. I need this product. I have said elsewhere that assessment is an aspect of my teaching practice that I really struggle with. Just listening to that photocopier churn out paper assessments that I know the students will hate and that will only yield dubious assessment value, sets my teeth on edge. So from a teacher’s perspective, I am already hooked.

From an EVA’s perspective I find that you have answered all my questions sufficiently. I especially enjoy the competitor comparison (Nothing Beats Bolt!). It is a simple graphic but does so much to show how Bolt covers more bases than anyone else in the business. Your 12 month action plan also confers confidence to potential investors.

Your site looks very professional. My suggestion would be to add some more ‘academic’ sources to your pitch. For example, you mention ‘authentic’ student work. Perhaps some research into why or how Bolt would be better than paper tests would help sell it to overwhelmed administrators.

Great work.

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