Connectthis Feedback – The pain point is…

Connectthis Feedback – The pain point is well felt, but I am not entirely sure it is completely well identified. Both teachers and parents alike talk about a lack of respect and understanding. Colliding spheres of influence and authority cause friction and problems arise where there is high levels of blame and judgement and low levels of appreciation and credibility. Cultural competency is a huge problem combined with competencies of dealing with blended and marginalized family types in school settings. I don’t see how this app will help facilitate relationships with these communities. Differing values and expectations around the value of particular types of learning create conflict and both sides feel the other is unresponsive and disrespectful. As both a parent and teacher I sit on both sides of the fence here and I see the highly conflictual nature of parent/school relationships today. Beyond simply not having time or resources, there is the added question of if it’s valuable or desired. I wonder about information overload. While it is nice to have access to all information, I am not sure I need a pop up every time my child gets a mark on something. As a parent I feel that reduces not improves my child’s level of responsibility. This app also seems mostly concerned with the teachers providing information and parents responding. It still feels like a one way rather than two way model. I would need a lot more details about the type of functionalities specifically this would support and research from parents and teachers about what they want in terms of home/school communication and relationships. I am also concerned about the financials here. The initial cost seems very high for a relatively low share of the company. For that level of investment I would be expecting controlling shares. I would also want to see exactly how this money will be spent because it seems unreasonable for app development that uses largely existing features recombined into a new product. I liked that you used a website for your venture pitch. I thought it added a level of professionalism.

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