Craig, what an innovative idea for a ven…

Craig, what an innovative idea for a venture. You immediately caught my interest when I heard “crowdfunding” as an approach to field trips. I thought your elevator pitch was very effective and good use of visuals. Regarding your venture pitch, I felt like I needed more details of how the venture would actually work. Does the teacher solely design the field trip or is it a collaborative effort with the organization/venue? Your experience and teaching credentials are impressive and definitely provide credibility to your venture. I’m not sure how I would make money (as a teacher) but maybe the money is made by the organization? So, I was left with some questions after viewing your venture pitch, but I was also intrigued and would be interested in further demonstration/discussion from you about the venture details. I’m not saying that I am completely sold on your idea but I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of investment either.

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