CRITIQUE: Nice idea for a venture Susan!…

CRITIQUE: Nice idea for a venture Susan! I too focused my venture looking at Canadian focused software.

Your venture has a firm foundation of what is needed in the world of Canadian nursing. Looking at the way things are conducted at hospitals and in clinics, we are slowly moving forward to a more digitized system, however we are still lagging and could clearly use a revamp or a system such as your venture to bridge some of the current gaps and create a more seamless system for health care professionals.
In terms of your venture itself, it seems that I have some of the same concerns as some that have reviewed your work already. First of all, I think that the acronym CPR is problematic as it is already an acronym currently used in the world of health care. Although it is cleaver and catchy (and in some instances could be extended as a metaphor for a nurses life line when looking at their documentation and professional development) I believe that it would be more troublesome than necessary. In addition, I did have a bit of difficulty, as the formatting did not download properly when I opened your venture pitch. I believe that these two points take away from your exceptional venture to revolutionize nursing in Canada. Some questions that I was left with were tied to looking at other countries as examples. Are there any other areas using similar software? What was the ask for the start up? Could there be direct funding from the government to support such a venture? What is the privacy concerns when looking at having patient information on a mobile device/cloud or is this already being done?
I sympathize with your discovery on Powtoon when trying to download. I had my students complete a video at the beginning of the year using Powtoon and we were disappointed that it was not until the absolute last step that it is apparent that you may not download without purchasing.

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