Dan, I am happy to review your venture b…

Dan, I am happy to review your venture because your feedback has always been detailed and constructive. Unfortunately, many of the salient points have already been made by our more-than-competent classmates. I love the idea and I think it has a market that can be exploited. I am always amazed that anything gets back to school at all. “This is an important form that needs to be returned by Friday,” I plead with them as they crumple and stuff the thoughtfully colored paper into their already disastrous backpacks. And there is always that one sheet you find under the desks after they have all left. A more exacting way to get forms filled out is just what I need. And this app could decrease my stress by streamlining that hectic morning moment where change for this and that are filling up ziploc bags in my desk. So my only question and concern is, when will you get it rolled out in Newfoundland?

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