Daniel, really great job here identifyin…

Daniel, really great job here identifying a very future-thinking app. Given the sudden and overwhelming success of Pokemon Go, this seems like a great time to introduce an AR/VR education-based app – there’s got to be TONS of ways that teachers could find really thoughtful and applicable use of this app. Your business plan is great, really detailed information that would provide a potential investor with the right knowledge to make an informed decision. As you acknowledge, the development time of the software is definitely going to be the biggest hurdle here; the key will be to keep the costs low enough to allow for the business model you outline, while keeping the UI simple enough to promote widespread adoption. I particularly think the “open source” aspect of this – or how teachers are given the ability to create their own lessons vs using pre-existing lessons – is one of the strongest features. Similar to my own venture pitch, I think the biggest success (in terms of penetration and adoption) would be having specific key teachers use the program first, as a means to get more teachers on board. There’s bound to be people who simply won’t want to learn how to use a new platform, but the key teachers would end up being the biggest advocate. Great job!

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