Danielle, your elevator pitch is to the…

Danielle, your elevator pitch is to the point and includes relevant details for a potential investor. The venture pitch is very professional. Good use of graphics to show the market status and you illustrate this information early in your presentation which I thought was an effective strategy. By doing this you capture the interest of the investor and subtly let them know it’s in their best interest to pay attention to your pitch. Your venture pitch is well organized and follows a logical structure which as an investor was much appreciated. Your presentation was “crisp” and “uncluttered” allowing me as the investor to focus on important facts without visual distraction. I do think your product is interesting and my only concern would be the perception of parents. I think there could be some concern around health issues and concern for unhealthy attachments youth may potentially develop to non reality and “escapism” from their real world and life. I do see the learning advantages but I think it would be wise to consider the potential disadvantages as well. I do think you have a viable product but I would be reluctant to invest without further research into the potential psychological hazards; I would need some information/survey results illustrating how parents viewed your product before I would invest. That being said, I was quite impressed with your presentation, the amount of market research, and the use of effective and informative visuals.

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