Dr. Jacobs’ previous experience as a pos…

Dr. Jacobs’ previous experience as a post-secondary educator gives him a great deal of insight into the need, demonstrated by faculty and students, for improved access to scholarly articles and resources. The success of his previous learning technology venture is a good indicator that he possesses the skills and traits required to thrive as a leader. However, it is the sizable monetary support that panOpen has garnered through funding and investments, that truly speak to Jacobs’ ability to sell his product and himself as a passionate entrepreneur. He is aware of the high quality content being produced by scholars, scientists, and innovators at various post-secondary institutions. Furthermore, it is clear that he recognizes the value in creating pathways for ongoing curation, exchange, and review of these resources between such institutions. He has used the existing concept of Open Education Resources, in order to address the issue of cost associated with textbooks, thus creating a more economical solution for post-secondary students, while making high quality academic content more accessible! I feel that Dr. Jacobs certainly represents a strong role model for today’s entrepreneurs.

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