Edsecute Review: I definitely enjoyed th…

Edsecute Review:

I definitely enjoyed the slogan. However I did not see the need of separating the venture pitch into 4 different videos. I believe the overall impression would have been stronger if all the information was presented in a single video. The pain point also seems very large and I am not sure that the company can address all of the issues detailed in the elevator pitch. The target market is clearly identified, yet I do not know how the company will reach this market. I also am unsure if there are any direct competitors to Edsecute. The team although not clearly identified seems to have the potential know-how to see this company through. Numbers are provided detailing the importance of the market, yet I did not see the direct relationship between them and the proposed solution. The presentation is professional and the presenter came across as knowledgeable and confident. My main concern, as an investor, is that I have no idea how much the company charges nor what is the projected clientele basis. These are numbers that I would need to see before investing in Edsecute.

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