Esther, congratulations on the interesti…

Esther, congratulations on the interesting pitch. I found your idea very original. I don’t have the type of business experience that would need this service but it is a niche that I hadn’t considered before and so was interested to hear you lay it out.

My main question would be delivery. I am not sure how CompanyCAVU is creating the ‘journey’ that improves onboarding. Is it a corporate video, role playing game, or some sort of written narrative? Basically I need to know more about the ‘micro model digital storytelling’. It sounds awesome. Perhaps a couple of images would help me make the leap to full understanding.

Your three-tier revenue model seems very professional. I would like to see some numbers or projected earnings before investing but I like how you have differentiated CopanyCAVU’s worth across different sectors.

I love the tagline on the competitors page. You simultaneously acknowledge the competition while differentiating yourself from them. It shows me, an amateur investor, that you know the field and how to improve upon it.

Finally, your team seems diverse and competent. I would have confidence investing in such an experienced group of innovators and business people. Perhaps some pictures would help soften your pitch with a human face. I took the easy way out in my venture but using cartoonish avatars, but I thought that was better than simply listing names and titles. But who knows, perhaps the cartoons would turn off certain investing professionals.

Nice work.

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