Esther, may I first say how wonderful yo…

Esther, may I first say how wonderful your voice is during the elevator pitch? It felt like I was watching a television commercial with its high quality and convincingness! As you did mention, it is a very saturated market with competition, but your idea of fostering the new employees from the start to keep them motivated to grow throughout their work is one that I’m sure many other startup businesses would like to incorporate in their future plans. And as an employee in Japan, I wish ANY company or school or business here would have anything remotely similar to this (don’t think there is a market for it here unfortunately though). Maybe more detail on actual costs/prices for your revenue models, and examples of what kinds of materials your team would create would be more convincing. I’m not sure if you can run the whole operation with just a team of three, because I feel like it would be a lot of work for that small a team. I’m sure this idea would succeed with growing businesses (especially in the IT sector, I believe) if you plan on making it a reality!

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