Feedback A Very concise Venture pitch. I…

A Very concise Venture pitch. I think you have a focus on a very up and coming opportunity, especially in education. I liked the phrasing in your full pitch of “living a lesson through digital means” it worked well in helping me visualize your pitch point meaning. I also liked that you spelled out the secondary markets that this venture has an ability to work within. There are a couple of comments that I would like to add for your consideration 1) With this approach to learning, will users need to use a viewing device to take advantage of the virtual reality component? 2) You make mention of digital publishers taking advantage of this app, I wonder if a more lucrative approach for you would be to license the technology behind the app and let them develop for their own needs and you still get paid. 3) For the shared lessons that teachers develop and share on a lesson, are they customizable? Can I just download and lesson and take what I want to use in something else or in a different version of a topic that maybe more precisely meets my needs? I have to admit that the elevator pitch didn’t give me much meat to go on but I felt much more informed after viewing the full pitch. As and EVA if I could get most of the functionality described above built into the app I would definitely invest.

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