FEEDBACK An interesting concept. I am no…


An interesting concept. I am not looking to invest in this kind of venture at this time, however, so I will only offer some feedback on your presentation.

I would not have thought of using a venture pitch to make a video for staff training purposes. I wonder, however, if this project might not be able t be expanded to become a marketable product with a wider audience. If you took your original idea and expanded it to include training for students, then it might be something that could be sold to schools that are dealing with difficulties in student use (and mis-use) of social media. A product like this could include dramatized events of cyber-bullying, identifying online threats, and general best-practices for students in the online realm. Different videos could be produced for different purposes, including age range, content, and even if this is intended as a comprehensive one-time presentation, or something that students have to take yearly to refresh their training in social media use.

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