FEEDBACK An interesting concept. I am no…


An interesting concept. I am not looking to invest in this kind of venture at this time, however, so I will only offer some feedback on your presentation.

I like the fact that you are using your experience with a proven product to make the kinds of changes that teachers need. That is a great idea. Often, products are developed for the business market and they are then adopted for use in education, but they do not quite meet the needs of educators. It sounds like you are attempting to fill this void.

I have a few questions about your product. Are you able to connect to more than one screen at a time? Can you see the entire class on a single monitor at a time? I am thinking about the remote classroom software, like NETOP ( It lets you see the whole class at once and even take over control of the student’s device if needed (for whatever reason). This kind of functionality might be really useful for your product.

Anyways, thank you for a great presentation. Good luck with your venture!

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