FEEDBACK An interesting presentation. I…


An interesting presentation. I am not looking to invest in this kind of venture at this time, however, so I will only offer some feedback on your presentation.

I must admit that I am a bit skittish of this product (Spotify). There have been several high-profile defections from the product of late (such as Taylor Swift), and I wonder at the ability of the company to outmaneuver Apple. Going toe-to-toe with a giant like Apple, especially when they have clearly stated their desire to “own the market,” makes me nervous. But it does seem like a good startup and it has been wildly successful so far. The idea of diversifying the product into different markets is a great idea.

I am not quite sure if the existing product clearly translates into the venture you are proposing, however. I would like to see more about how companies can create playlists, and how these playlists will be distributed and used in Spotify. Good presentation, though! Thanks!

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