FEEDBACK: Any efforts supporting environ…

FEEDBACK: Any efforts supporting environmental issues I am generally in support of. There are so many beneficial projects that have high social (or environmental) value we could be doing with edtech so I am glad you went in this direction. The problem as you stated is that non-profits are constantly challenged with funding sources. I also thought you identified the problem, but I was a little confused by what exactly the app does and how. As well, how much would it cost to build this solution? Who is on the team to build this and what background might they have? Although the “critter voice” was related to the project, it seemed a bit child-like for an investment pitch. Might be more suited to the website where you are soliciting new users perhaps? I was attracted to the concept of citizen science, and as you noted, it seemed like this approach might encourage younger participants to be stewards of the land. Sign me up!

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