FEEDBACK: As a venture analyst I recogni…

FEEDBACK: As a venture analyst I recognize the value of a service that allows students interact with each other across districts and provinces in a controlled and monitored manner that is free from the advertising and lurking of social media. The case for a service like eSCiPi is strong. There are definitely students who would see its advantages and make it part of their weekly work flow. My concern is that they represent a minority of autonomous learners who are motivated to look beyond their class environment to seek help and partners. Your venture would require a critical mass of student interest and participation over a specific investment period where you would have to demonstrate a trend in uptake and interest to your stakeholders. The risk that this may not happen, or that your government partners may not buy-in from the outset are arguments that you will have to convincingly address. My other concern is security: with all the provisions that you have made to avoid bullying and trolling, would your service survive an incident where eSPiPi became the initial contact point between victim and perpetrator? It is much more complicated when school boards and governments are promoting the use of such an platform.

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