FEEDBACK: As a venture analysts, I see t…

FEEDBACK: As a venture analysts, I see the value in the concept of combining GBL with continuity elements between grades. Your thoroughly outline of the projected growth in the industry. I am curious if this is based on the capacity to focus more on secondary school grades or if it is based on the status quo. You present a compelling case for perpetuating avatars year to year and having then grow as the student grows. The idea shares some qualities of mid-twentieth century house competitions, or the Hogwarts system in Harry Potter. I am not convinced to what extent that the pain point that you describe represents a genuine need on the part of teachers. My concern is the propensity and speed with which adolescents change their identity and interests, and how that would affect avatar and point totals that roll-over year to year. In other words, few interests persist from grade 8 through to grade 12. To that point, your 7 year development plan is possibly too long to ensure your survival against an upstart venture that could compete directly or indirectly with MovitatED. Classcraft is already a competitor for your market. They could most likely update their program to perpetuate characters and points year to year. It would be prudent on you, your partners and consultants parts to develop a plan for new feature rollouts to guard against copy-cat ventures. I would recommend investment in your project with provisions for such yearly upgrades to maintain a sense of newness and anticipation – particularly on the part of students.

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