Feedback: Brittany, I really enjoyed you…

Feedback: Brittany, I really enjoyed your website! It’s fun and interactive, yet simple enough to navigate through with ease. Being an elementary school teacher, I was drawn by the colours and the movement. I like how you’ve included discounts for schools and how you’ve projected revenue. I think the number may be a little high, as you probably won’t get half of the schools signing up, especially in the first year. The product itself is a great app, which I think would help a lot of students organize their thoughts to be as clear and concise as possible. The only hesitation I have is that students no longer have to have that skill on their own, and with the internet, they could look up templates and use readily accessible ones that are already out there. I do like that this app is a one-stop-shop for all of their essay writing skills and I think if it was standardized throughout a school district or state, it may be easier for teachers to connect with other schools through their English language classes (maybe even through the app to give feedback to other students).

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