FEEDBACK: Dear Michael, I am leaning tow…

FEEDBACK: Dear Michael, I am leaning towards a REVIEW instead of feedback, as I do find your product incredibly interesting. I work in Hospitality management education with majors in culinary Arts. Our “DNA” is mainly the hand-on practical workshops and letting the student experience cuisine theory and practical arts with “famous” or local culinary chefs. We are currently doing everything online, and try to embed Video based materials. It is not easy as the video’s are not our own and teachers make / or break often a course by putting their entire soul into this “art” – I think with your solution we could be really see a positive change.
However the reason why I did not dare the Invests is,
– I am not sure what the solution is that you offer. Is it the software, the hardware, the enterprise or a service? What do i buy from you as a consumer ?
– And as an EVA, what is my ROI? How do you generate money. Is it a licensed product, a one off fee; i am not sure if i understood this correctly.
Overall I think a very nice website and good product!! Curious to see this evolving.
Thank you Anouk