Feedback – Derek, I feel your venture is…

Feedback – Derek, I feel your venture is sound and while focused at BC, it has many applications that could be brought to Ontario as well as there is an increasing shortfall of trades-related opportunities. In reading your venture, I feel you have presented the problem and solution quite well, but one part I had difficulty with, and some may not have the patience to do what I did, was to read the chart presented with Investment Level 2. I feel the chart could be made larger to that those on smaller screens (ie: my MS Surface) could see it more clearly. I don’t feel it distracts too much from your overall piece, however.

I felt the elevator pitch was sound and if it were targeted towards real investors the “Powtoon” watermark would be removed.

One last suggestion would help with the flow. If I were to click on “Venture Pitch” or “Team” without knowing to press the plus symbol, much like Jess I would have difficulty navigating the page. Perhaps have the first page for each section appear when clicking on the link and then connect to the next ones which could also be accessed using the plus symbol.

Overall, a great experience reading your site. Great work.

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