FEEDBACK: Good work, Kate! I think your…

FEEDBACK: Good work, Kate! I think your Elevator Pitch does well establishing the problem you want to address with your venture. I agree that this is an issue affecting faculty across North America, but I’m wondering if the pitch could provide more specific context—e.g. is ReciPROcity relevant for faculty at specific types of schools or specific subject fields, or is it relevant across the board? In terms of technical aspects, I’m wondering if a more linear structure would be better for the Venture Pitch. When reading through the site, the reader can find himself/herself clicking “More” or “More Info” in a number of corners of various pages, which can make the information seem a bit maze-like—it’s not always clear how the information is structured overall. I think this is important because your pitch has so much valuable information about the issue it intends to address. Congrats on getting through MET!

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