FEEDBACK: Great pitch, Ryan! I’m excited…

FEEDBACK: Great pitch, Ryan! I’m excited to see you took the emerging Maker movement and angled your pitch to help satisfy growing demand in the market. One of my strongest convictions in my teaching philosophy is the importance and power of learning from mistakes, and I think you identified one of the key educational benefits of a maker centered venture. Justin made some excellent comments regarding marketing and social media that I agree with; taking advantage of the movement’s social nature via online communities is a surefire way for free marketing success! I think the small-scale ‘start-up’ box is a good way to get your foot in the door into schools interested in starting maker movements; to pique investor interest even further, consider adding some more ‘box’ kits that will follow your initial cedar-box. As a teacher, I am interested in the kit you are offering, however as an investor, I’d be curious as to what kits will follow, and your strategy in keeping the business sustainable once you’ve shipped your initial targets on the ‘start-up boxes’. I love the ‘mobile gurus’ idea – as your venture scales with more and more subscriptions, consider a plan for the logistics of shipping / transporting new kits to your subscriber-base or an alternative to shipping (especially heavy wood boxes): my suggestion is to create a ‘home-base’ makerspace where your customers can pick-up their monthly kits while getting support and workshops, saving you on the costs and logistics of shipping while providing a place to attract ‘drop-in’ customers who may not be ready to commit to your product without testing and tinkering first. Great work, Ryan!

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