FEEDBACK – Great presentation for both t…

FEEDBACK – Great presentation for both the elevator pitch and the venture pitch. I agree with Michael G that you were able to pack a lot of useful information into two short presentations. You explained the problem, your solution, its applications and viability in a clear manner supported by strong arguments and examples. However, I believe that making a case for a solution that involves any form of information security is a difficult task, especially when it concerns confidential data related to children. My information security risk related reservations may be due my lack of understanding of your solution. The way I understood PrintPass is that it is a single sign-on for multiple apps using thumb/fingerprints. This would allow ease of use for multiple apps on iPads through single sign-on and also allow multiple users to access the devices. Both are great applications. But as you are aware, single sign on increases the impact of an information security breach because one password/print can be used to access data on multiple platforms. Although Apple insists that its fingerprint scanners are secure, there has been much debate on this issue and Apple has even had to testify before Congress on the issue. Cloud based storage increases the risk and recent news also does not bode well for those, like me, concerned with information security risk –

In short, great presentation, but not suitable for my risk appetite.

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