Feedback – Great venture pitch Chris. I…

Feedback – Great venture pitch Chris. I see a lot of potential in the changes you made feel like this product could really disrupt the LMS market. In some ways the current LMS offerings seem like first generation products. A lot schools boards and institutions are switching to Gmail and the suite of products associated with it – which could include Classroom. This offers a potential cost savings in that institutions would no longer have to pay for an LMS and an email server – it would be rolled into one. Some elements that could have used further detail included the competitive analysis – inertia can be a strong factor in my world (the highered market) and faculty struggle to adapt to change when it does happen. If there is something they are using that is good enough, they will continue to use it. Being able to show why you are better versus the competitors perceived strengths can go a long way to overcoming this inertia. Great job!

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