Feedback: Great work Victoria. Before wa…

Feedback: Great work Victoria. Before watching your venture I guessed it will be great because of your great participation in the class. I used to follow your comments and I always liked your “out of the box” ideas.
In your venture, you mentioned a great solution for many sectors, and you solved a big problem, that annoys most of us. Your venture saves lots of time and it is easy to access. I liked your objective presentation of the venture and how you addressed the positives and the negatives of your venture. One of the common mistakes that many people do is saying that his/her pitch is just perfect and has no competition. Your facial expressions and your voice tune, reflected your self confidence which is a very important element in presenting ventures. I couldn’t catch the place where you convinced me the CEO. Also, I was surprised with the huge amount of your ask and I couldn’t know how they are going to be distributed. However, thank you for your great idea, and I will think to invest in your venture.
PS: I would be very pleased if you could review my venture “SPARK”. I like to know your opinion about it. Thanks.

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