Feedback – Hi Briar, great job – I alway…

Feedback – Hi Briar, great job – I always find your video content compelling, loved the RSA animation! Definitely seems like there could be a need in the market, you have certainly targeted a niche that will looking to extend their footprint and an online conference is a great option for them. The presentation was slick and generally well outlined. I really liked how you included an exemplar with the video of the online conference you already hosted. It demonstrated proof of concept in that you were successful ably to moderate sessions online with multiple attendees. It did show that anytime you introduce technology it can be bumpy, but you also demonstrated how to stay calm, work through it and overcome technical issues. Your ROI seems low, but 1% could be typo as in the weebly your ROI is 52k (10%), described as 1%. Apart from the ROI, it seems like you have assembled a quality team – my only concern would be that your skill sets overlap and you could possibly use some sales and marketing expertise. On the whole, great job!

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