“FEEDBACK” Hi Dan. You have created a ve…

“FEEDBACK” Hi Dan. You have created a very interesting and informative pitch. Your elevator pitch highlights a great deal of information and you successfully convey exactly what Reality Plus can do and who exactly it is targeted towards. This is difficult to do in just 1 minute but I feel that I have a pretty good understanding of what your product offers its users. In fact, you have a lot of information packed into 60 seconds! This could be a lot of information for some viewers/investors to take in. I also agree that virtual reality/augmented reality is going to greatly impact education and provides a good basis of why I may want to invest in your company. Further, you offer some of the membership costs associated with your product which gives some insight as to how I may be able to profit. Yet, as an investor I would still like to know a bit more how this is targeted (specifically) towards investors. As an educator, I would like to learn more about your product and how this could change my lessons. I would indeed spend the time to learn more about your product and whether it could be the right choice for me to invest. Great job!

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