FEEDBACK: Hi Joyce. The presentation of…

FEEDBACK: Hi Joyce. The presentation of your pitch is very well done. I thought you very effectively utilised images and icons to convey your message. Your use of statistics to support personalised learning is also very powerful. The breakdown of what you would do with the money through a three phase plan was another strong point of your pitch. While your pitch explains personalised learning as similar to the suggestion ads that appear when we visit websites, I did not fully understand how the learning would be personalised for students. How does the software personalise content that the teacher has selected? Furthermore, the images in your pitch were primarily of very young students whereas online or self-directed learning is often targeting towards an older student population who can work more independently. While I do feel the checklist element of students seeing clear progress through a course could be motivating for some students, I am not sold that choosing their topic alone will motivate students to learn. Finally, is the $1200 per year subscription fee per teacher? Per school? Per class? Would you consider a Freemium approach to attract teachers? I like the concept of personalised learning for students, but would need further clarification before considering investing in the venture.

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