FEEDBACK: Hi Marshall, good work. My com…

FEEDBACK: Hi Marshall, good work. My comments echo Robert and Brian’s below. As an investor, I would be primarily concerned with how the company would make money, given that the cost of travel and low class sizes would limit your revenue considerably. Another thing I was wondering was whether or not seniors would even have access to the tech in the first place. If yes, then your instructors would have to tailor lessons to a large variety of hardware and software. Maybe there could be an opportunity to partner your venture with a larger company like Amazon, Best Buy, or another retailer, where the seniors order the product, and Mobile Seniors delivers the product AND offers the classes? That would make scheduling a beast, but at least you would have the strength of the backing of a big retailer in your pitch.
P.S. I couldn’t get any audio on your animation. I tried with other videos and the audio is ok. Is it just my issue?

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