FEEDBACK: Hi Mary, I certainly like how…

FEEDBACK: Hi Mary, I certainly like how your elevator pitch came from the point of view of the critter, I am assuming the wee green frog in the corner. This added the “cuteness” appeal. As I read through your Venture Pitch I understood the product I gained a pretty good understanding of what “Critters” is trying to develop. The idea certainly has merit and could add a lot to the world of science! My question is around validity of citizen input. While most people would be simply trying to help out, there are always a few characters out there who would try to test the limits of the app by adding incorrect information, such as sightings of unusual species etc. How would your company address this when it is all based on “honest input” from citizens and there is no funding to validate? Just curious. Overall, I really do think the idea has merit!

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