Feedback: Hi Monique, This is great idea…


Hi Monique,

This is great idea! I like that it engages both the reading buddy and the reader.

I enjoyed watching both your elevator pitch and your venture pitch, but did find the music to be a little bit distracting.

I am curious about the cost per student for using Reading Buddy – to me, $250 seemed a little bit on the pricey side. Would parents be absorbing that cost or would it be the school board?

I am also confused about the format of this product (maybe I need to go back and watch again) – will it be like an app for a tablet? Or will it be its own device? Or will students use it on the computer? Will it complement a non-digital text?

Overall – I think this is a great idea and as a potential investor I would consider investing in this idea! As a teacher, I would also love to have technology like this available to me!

Thanks for sharing 🙂