(Feedback) Hi Robert, I really like your…

(Feedback) Hi Robert, I really like your idea and the podcast format is intriguing and demonstrates some risk taking. Actually, last year I attended Apple conference in Singapore that was about using the Apple watch and other devices in all in sync simultaneously, there was excellent demonstration with the speaker’s heart monitored as a virtual object on stage–I wonder if that video or images are available–it was at Canadian International School Singapore. That school is all Apple device school K-12 and does some innovate things with Apple products might be worth finding evidence what they do in their maker-spaces.
Anyway, what would be great if you could provide Venture information sheets so we could see the breakdown of features and more about your competition. I love podcasts and at their best they provide a narrative structure with possibly a monologue component, I am thinking of Team Human, Radiolab, and This American Life–if you could do that structure with musical interlude or intro or outro ambient music that would bring some professionalism to the presentation.
It was clear and strong idea that might work as enterprise. Try to show us more of the possibilities–some podcasts have visual infographics or broadsheets such as Radiolab does and On the Media. Good job Robert, I really respect your talents!