Feedback – Hi Tomek, a courageous decisi…

Feedback – Hi Tomek, a courageous decision to follow your heart – it’s not easy to change mid-stream – I applaud you for creating a venture that is a) on its way to being developed and b) truly making a difference! In terms of feedback, I recognize that this what not you originally planned and you had to pull things together on the fly, despite this, your presentation of the made for a compelling read and you seem to be on the right path to success. Although it is a difficult topic to be straight-forward with, it was not necessarily clear form the pitch what the need was or how it was being solved. I appreciated your competitive overview, but it could have used more info on the competitors that have been successful in other markets. Regardless, the idea is a good one and is clearly needed in a culture where it is difficult for students to reach out for support. Good job Tomek!

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