Feedback: I had to review your pitch a c…

I had to review your pitch a couple of time to get my head around the offerings of this venture and I’m glad I did because after my first pass I think I have a better understanding of what it is. I was impressed with your presentation format and the experience you and your partner bring to the table, but I think as an EVA you are still in the building of a concept rather than something I would feel comfortable investing in for a return at this time. I agree with others that some sort of a simulation would go a long way to helping and investor conceptualize the benefits of this venture and other than being a different sport, provide an opportunity to differentiate you from others in this market. That being said, my juices started flowing thinking of ways that could help a product like this standout and as I haven’t experienced any of them, I’m going to spitball in the dark here. You provide evidence of the size of the market for this product and I see that there is huge potential at the amateur level as a teaching tool It would be interesting, I think, to have the functionality to allow users to ask questions and the software provide real-time adjustments to the scenario playing out. For example; Where/ who is the point guard in this play? What would this look like in a man on man system etc.? I was also thinking if a coach could customize the properties of players (Height, stats probability, etc) in the scenario to demonstrate why a play would be run or is preferred against an upcoming team, it may provide a more real world perspective. There are many opportunities that VR related simulation could enhance and in the world of sports none are much bigger than that of basketball. Your venture has legs but at this point, I don’t think at this time it is defined enough for me to invest.

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