FEEDBACK: I really like this venture, an…

FEEDBACK: I really like this venture, and can immediately see how I could use this in my own teaching profession. I work in a school with a 1-to-1 program, and do currently use paper for tests (it’s pretty much the only time we use a lot of paper!), due to the desire to maintain the integrity of assessments. The ability of BOLT to ‘lock out’ other applications during tests is its biggest selling point. Preventing copy-paste, and basically turning their laptops/iPads into digital ‘paper’ is an excellent concept. I do think that this would work best with iPads (iPad Pros, specifically, due to their paper-sized screens!), along with a stylus, as many of my tests require drawing diagrams, labeling pictures, and completing math equations (something that is very difficult to do with a laptop, unless they are using a peripheral device like an Intuos tablet & stylus). I also like the addition of time-sensitive questions, as it forces students to be more attentive when it comes to time management (although for some students, this could make their anxiety levels go through the roof!). The fact that students can perform tests digitally is a big step up from traditional paper-test writing, since you can add drag-and-drop features, animations, and other, more interative and engaging elements. This is one of my favourite ventures. Well done!

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