Feedback I think the layout of your pitc…

I think the layout of your pitch and your beginning elevator pitch were really well done. I want to thank you for also showing me about ‘Guided Access’ on my iPhone, never knew that the functionality existed. One of the biggest pluses for me in your venture pitch was that your product was device agnostic. I know there are different solutions for things like viewing students screens but usually, they are for one device or another (like Air squirrel or Apple tv), not all the platforms out there at once. As an EVA and a teacher, the ability to access students screen at will using sentinel makes me a little nervous. You don’t clarify if the functionality of Sentinal is only available during class or if one could access student’s screens at any other time to see what students are doing. This raised some cautions for me. Restricting access to one or two apps on a student device also may not be an effective way to limit students accessing other apps. This may work with school controlled devices, but you may have issues with student-owned devices resulting in some pushback from pupils over who has control over the device and what they do with them. I agree with others in this forum that educating students on proper etiquette and digital citizenship would be a more effective approach. That being said, as an EVA I would need more clarification on your ask as I don’t necessarily see Sentinal as the prize but rather the technology to have a device agnostic way to share screens and information from a user’s device to the teacher screen or LCD. I think you have something here.

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