FEEDBACK: I think this is so awesome ! T…

FEEDBACK: I think this is so awesome ! This is right up my ally as I have experience developing an elearning course for a company which teaches staff sensitivity training towards people with disabilities and compliance with Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). The name of your app is very clever and I love the idea of creating an app that would provide peer support to post secondary school students with disabilities. I had several friends in undergrad with disabilities and they sometimes struggled getting necessary support and understanding from others. I have seen it all, from profs not making appropriate accommodations to students making ignorant accusations of “you use your disability as an excuse to not get work done on time, or not come to class etc”. Unfortunately one of my friends even ended up dropping out of undergrad because she felt so alienated. It’s absurd the amount of ignorance that exists, this app could really help people with disabilities feel less isolated in the post secondary environment and help them work towards their academic goals. Definitely something I would invest in.

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