Feedback: I would invest in this venture…

I would invest in this venture because I like the idea of creating an environment that gives students an opportunity to learn real like skills for something they like or want to do before they actually finish school and have no immediately available support. I think your idea ties in with the concept of hands-on learning but at a post-secondary level. So I believe if done well, it would work. Back in high school, I’ve seen the marketing and business class students work on semester-long projects where they were given a budget and a timeframe to start and try a business as a class/company. They were given a space as well, so every semester, that class would present and run their business in school and evaluation would be given based on the outcome and what they’ve learned. The students all learned a lot, but the resources were limited as it was just secondary school level.

I think at a post-secondary level, this idea would really work. Good job.

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