Feedback: Interesting idea. But I wouldn…

Interesting idea. But I wouldn’t invest in this venture at the moment because I think this venture sounds more like something that can be used AFTER completing the readings instead of using it DURING or BEFORE as a reading platform substitute to engage reading. I can see instructors try this for a while, but then ultimately find it to be not that useful as this would require more input from the instructors and peers for each reading that can’t be easily controlled.

If Symposium allows instructors to open and close a required reading session, then I suppose the idea could work because then students and instructors won’t have to wait constantly for an update or discussion to start without a clear date. So adding a timeframe feature might be useful, but then be sure to have it as read-only after so that students can continue to view the content, though comments can’t be added.

Just a thought. Great pitch though.

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