FEEDBACK: It looks like you have built a…

FEEDBACK: It looks like you have built a solid team and your pain point is clear. Initially I thought why can’t you just use a camera and send the video through to the safety assessment personnel but then I saw how you were providing purchases that could be made right in the app which is a great idea. Since your user base are the elderly, this is a fantastic idea since it merges safety with product. My concern is that at your price point, how do you pay for the person who does these assessments? Looking at paying the person who has to do the assessment of the videos, the 15 minute calls, or the live video conference, would be considerable more than the $4.50 for the premium account. Of course this does not factor in the possibility that you may earn a commission from every product sold, but from my point of view the labour intensiveness your app requires will mean high running cost. If you have some kind of government income, such as a grant, it would ease the cost of running the operation. I have to agree with Joshua about the name.

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