FEEDBACK – Lane, I think you have put to…

FEEDBACK – Lane, I think you have put together a great proposal. You have clearly identified the problem that your solution is addressing and how you plan on providing a solution. Your elevator pitch and website are well laid out and make a clear proposal. However, when I put my Venture Analyst hat on I am hesitant to consider this venture for deeper review because of two reasons: (1) I believe your scope is too broad. While I can sympathize with wanting to solve all problems related to the current textbook/reading problem, it seems to me that you are tackling too many issues – learning disabilities, digitization, languages, learning styles and levels. That seems like way too many considerations. I believe that a narrower focus would have made your presentation stronger. (2) I am aware of some competition in this domain (Books That Grow, Read 2 Me, Read2Go etc.) and I wanted to see more about how your solution offers greater value or plans on distinguishing its offering. The one great positive in your presentation was that I could feel your enthusiasm.

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