Feedback: Thanks for sharing Greg! I thi…

Feedback: Thanks for sharing Greg! I think business ed and entrepreneurship are valuable skills to learn. The whole framework you’ve highlighted, having students learn how to build and eventually sell a product is a great idea. However, the Business-Ed department in my school does exactly what you are promoting. I still think it is a great idea. I teach at a 9-12 high school, so students have the opportunity to take business-ed as an elective. Your pitch allows students to get a taste of the basics at a younger age which can eventually shape their elective interests when they reach high school.

I would have to agree with our peers. I did think your elevator pitch was the venture pitch. I was confused at first.

At around Christmas time the business-Ed classes hosted a fair every lunch hour for a week. They set up their booths in attempt to sell their products. Teenagers in their case were the target audience. The most successful candidates sold some form of food, which complemented the lunch hour fair. Some weren’t as successful. They had cool ideas, but the market and price point of their product failed to generate them any revenue. Both situations were great learning experiences!