FEEDBACK (thanks to Dan for pointing out…

FEEDBACK (thanks to Dan for pointing out the actual instructions, yours is the first reference I have seen to them and judging by the earlier posts on the places I have reviewed already–five–many others have missed them too..): Cole, Teachers who are not excited by the freedom from textbooks that the new BC curriculum allows will be attracted to your product but I believe that they are a shrinking market. Perhaps offering units both ways, a) as a complete resource for the whole year AND b) as “a-la-carte” sections for individual download will allow you to get both the traditional textbook teachers who need a resource for the new curriculum as well as the new-school teachers who need a quick section or two to supplement the resources they have built up on their own. When it comes to conflicts of interest your roles with the school board, the union and with the other commercial concern you represent might come into conflict if they have not already so you might have to step away from one or more as SCP approaches profitability.

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