FEEDBACK: The fact that I was completely…

FEEDBACK: The fact that I was completely engaged while reading through the transcript of your powerpoint only leads me to believe that the actual live presentation would make your venture a hard one for investors to pass up. I have little knowledge with regards to television and radio broadcasting, outside of my own interactions with these medium, so I certainly learned a lot from your pitch and find myself wanting to continue to learn more. You’ve done a great job of expressing the need for a youth-targeted approach to knowledge and information sharing, in a format that promotes active participation and social connection to the content. As a few others have mentioned, I didn’t come away from your pitch with a clear idea of what your product will look like or how it will function. However, your decision to garner feedback through focus groups, piloting, and virtual conferencing shows that you are committed to developing a program that your audience will not only relate to, but will be active participants in the development and ultimate success of. Great pitch!

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