Feedback: This sounds like a product tha…

This sounds like a product that can only be used once per household. Like a safety assessment via videos instead of getting an actual evaluator to come into the household to make the assessment. For the price that the user will pay for this service, it seems very improbable for the services to be delivered within the timeframe given as the price is quite low so many will want to use the service at the same time and there would be an overload, unless you have many trained employees who can give assessments quickly or if it’s automated. If this was to occur, what would your plan be? If each assessment is individualized and catered to the video the users sent it, would the time spent on giving the feedback be equivalent to the price they are paying, or would the costs be much higher. Honestly, if this was an app that charges per room, or one-time service provider that charges much more, I can see the venture being successful. But currently, this venture wouldn’t be an investment I would want to put money into as I see labour fees putting the business in the red more than in the green. But good luck.

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