FEEDBACK – This was a great presentation…

FEEDBACK – This was a great presentation that really brought home the merits of the medium and made me think about how much information I receive on a regular basis through the radio, podcasts and other auditory media. As an English as a second language learner I used to listen to BBC Radio and Voice of America on a regular basis to improve my listening and speaking skills. NPR is also a great organization and seeking to make a pitch for their internal incubator is a great idea for a radio/podcast format. So, great medium, great selection of audience for your pitch, but only one problem for me – what is your product and how do you intend to monetize it? I could tell that you feel passionately about this project, but in the end I was left wondering, is this another podcast? I know that some of your ideas are still in development. I believe that giving your specific product greater definition will make your pitch stronger.

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